SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test

It is the most popular and extensively accepted standardized testing exam for Undergraduate college admissions in the U.S with more than 2.1 million test-takers in the past year.

The SAT exam is divided into three sections with an extra essay section which is optional.

  • Reading test - Assess an individual’s reading, comprehensive and observational skills, basis being able to analyze and interpret the given passages and answer them accurately.

  • Writing and Language test - Evaluates the examinee's writing skills, basis clarity & word structure; topical analysis; restructuring of sentences to increase organizational quality & impact of the writing. The section is also focused on refining sentence structure, word choice, and punctuation usage.

  • Mathematics test (divided into 2 sections based on calculator usage) - Measures one's understanding of algebraic concepts, geometry and statistics; and weighs problem-solving ability using conceptual knowledge.

  • Essay (optional) -The essay section is implemented to judge the writing ability of the examinee on the parameters of Reading, Analysis and Writing. This section helps in determining the examinee’s ability to comprehend, analyze and develop a well supported, persuasive argument.

These sections are specifically designed to demonstrate an examinee’s skills in varying areas of study and diversity in their knowledge of the studies done in high school, which will be helpful in college.

Batch Schedule

Start Date End Date Days Time
6th August 2019 5th November 2019 6/week 90 minutes


What does this Batch Offer:

  • Intensive classroom Training
  • Individual student attention
  • Verbal section training with the most experienced faculty in the city
  • Most Competitive course material with hundreds of practise questions
  • Approaching Mathematical concepts in more student friendly way
  • Multiple Mock Tests