About Us

“Proficient Test Prep" is an Admission Test Preparation and Counseling Platform for the ambitious students wanting to pursue higher education abroad.

Why Choose Us

Right from the gullies and streets of Amravati, we were students just like you. After Studying and working in the US for 5 years, we have seen through it all. We are your friends, extremely eager to help and guide you through the cumbersome process.

Our Mission

To help you realize your fullest potential, so that you not only make your dreams come true, but also enjoy the process.

What We Do

Provide training and focused guidance to GRE/ GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS aspirant.

Provide student counselling that matches the best in the state

The Company you can trust

A decision to study abroad can be very stressful and full of unseen challenges. Right from choosing the right alma mater for studying to the numerous applications for your choice of courses and beyond, Proficient is going to be your best friend throughout this hectic journey.

At proficient, we will provide the students, our first-hand experience, as returning NRIs. The Journey on this quest of securing a job abroad, begins with a simple decision of wanting to study abroad and proceeds with numerous complicated stages like, studying, scheduling examinations, applications to the foreign universities, writing SOPs and LORs, Visa application, securing student jobs / assistantships, choosing the right university, managing finances, finding housing etc. It can be utterly confusing to manage one’s way out of this maze, but with a trusted partner like Proficient, we promise your journey would be a cakewalk.

Our Team

Ashwin Alsi

Director, Counselor and Instructor

A graduate of the prestigious, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA,  is a British Counsel certified IELTS instructor with more than seven years of work experience. He is the co-founder of Proficient Test Prep.

Prajakta Kale

Director, Counselor and Instructor

Alumna of the Northern Illinois University, Chicago, USA, is a British Counsel certified IELTS instructor with more than eight years of work experience. She is the co-founder of Proficient Test Prep. 

Nadeem Khan

Language Expert, Instructor and Mentor

A former Regional Director, Western Region of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and former Head of the Department of Languages at Shri Shivaji Science College, Amravati. He is a British Counsel CELTA certified English trainer.  

Ojas Kale

Counselor and Lead Developer

Alumnus of Northern Illinois University, Chicago, USA, is a Data scientist with more than six years of work experience, software infrastructure manager and a full stack developer.


Deeksha Shukla

Counselor and Instructor

A Post Graduate from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. She has more than four years of work experience in Advertising and Communication. 


Rushabh Barad

Office Manager

A bachelor of computer science graduate from (Name of the college) has a strong technical acumen and exceptional interpersonal skills. He is great at handling office activities especially at the front desk. 

Prajot Surey

Software Engineer Intern

A computer science engineer who graduated from P.R.M.I.T. & R. Badnera is a python wizard who works on both sides of the stack.

Our Advisors